That’s exactly what we are here to do….Show your home in its best possible light.

Here’s why…

Did you know that the majority of people are
unable to visualize a vacant space with items in it? 
Let us help out with that!  

Here are just a few of the ways we can come alongside you
on your journey to sell your home.



You can increase your home's appeal with the services we provide. 
Whether your home is vacant or occupied,

Silver Lining Staging Company can help you increase the appeal of your space,

ultimately targeting a broad spectrum of home buyers.  
True story.



You know what to expect.

Silver Lining Staging Company will ALWAYS and ONLY show photos of our staging work.

This work includes personal work as well as teamwork projects 
received through staging training.

You can count on the authenticity of our work.  
That's final.



You will show your home as one having elegance and class.

We will work with whatever your "blank slate" looks like.

We love making ordinary, extraordinary. 

Elegance defines us.



You can show your home in its best light with the quality of products and services we provide.

Silver Lining Staging Company is committed to superior quality.



You can count on us to get the job done well and in a timely manner.

Silver Lining Staging Company provides reliable and quality service.  

We show up on time and are present with each individual job.
Every time.

We are proud to serve

Elk Grove and the greater Sacramento area.

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I found Dominique while I was showing homes to my clients in the Elk Grove area. They fell in love with the home she had staged and ended up purchasing it. While in escrow with the new home, we were to list the home they lived in.  After seeing Dominique's work they decided to stage the home before they put on market. I reached out to Dominique. She responded to messages quickly and was able to schedule/reschedule our appointments. She did a great job and was able to really customize with the existing furniture. Everything looked beautiful and really showed what's great about the house!  She was so easy to work with and was affordable. I will use Dominique again and I highly recommend her!  We had so many people come to the open house. The home had multiple offers over the list price. 


- Suman Singh

Real Estate Broker

Silver Lining Staging Company is amazing. I had a listing on the market for 54 days and no offers. Two days after her staging, I received a full list price offer.

- Leslie Stirewalt

Coldwell Banker

Silver Lining Staging has been the BEST FIND!!  As a top producer in the real estate industry I understand the importance of making a home look like a model home.  It provides sellers with more money in their pocket while having the fewest days on the market.  Dominique has been my consultant/stager for many homes and will continue to be.  She has a keen eye and is extremely talented….making an obscure area look like a masterpiece!!  Even a simple laundry room is made to feel charming!  I would highly recommend Silver Lining Staging Company for any and all of your staging needs.

 - Traci Petersen

Coldwell Banker

Thank you for making our house "Stand Out" in the photos now posted on the MLS. We are very pleased with how you staged our home. 

- Home Owner

- Ann Nash

Lyon Real Estate

Dominique does a great job for my sellers.  Her creativity turned vacant homes with only a few pieces of furniture into lovely properties - several buyers who looked at the pictures online thought they were occupied!  She uses her accessories to show my listings in their best light. I believe her services have reduced the marketing time and helped to sell my listings at top dollar.  My sellers have been delighted with her work, and I use her whenever possible.





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Here are ways we can come alongside you

on your journey to sell your home.


  The "Full" Furniture Stage

  • FREE Preview.

  • You only get one chance to make a great first impression!  This staging package allows you to do just that.  Silver Lining Staging Company will bring in quality furniture and accessory pieces to stage the most important areas of your space -- Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, and Master Bedroom.  We provide you with the opportunity to show your home in the best possible light by accentuating the positive features of your home. 

  • Pricing will vary based on home layout, square footage, and accessory rental.  Price quotes are given with the project bid after the Home Preview is complete.

  • Call today to make your appointment - 916.799.7164


   - $250

  • The Staging Consultation is a MUST when selling your home. 

  • This service is a one to three hour consult which provides the client with recommendations for on-trend yet classy colors for home interiors.  These recommendations are based on the existing finishes the home has.  This consultation will help bring an updated look to the space and will ultimately accomplish specific staging goals that will help your home appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers.

  • Not only does this service provide paint color recommendations but also specific pointers for decluttering, reorganizing, adding, removing or repositioning items within the home.  These recommendations will be provided to the client for use as a guide in preparing their space for optimal appeal when selling their home.

  • Call today to make your appointment - 916.799.7164

  The "Your" Furniture Stage

  • This service requires the Home Consultation prior to staging.

  • This staging package really brings the home together.  Silver Lining Staging Company will come in and stage the home after the recommended items from the Home Consultation are complete.  The staging is done with the client's furnishings and accessories. Should the staging process require extra on-trend accessory pieces, Silver Lining Staging Company will provide and rent these items to the client for a monthly accessory fee.  

  • Pricing will vary based on home layout, square footage, and accessory rental.  Price quotes are given with the project bid after the Home Consultation is complete.

  • Call today to make your appointment - 916.799.7164

  The "No" Furniture Stage  ​

  - Starting at $500

  • This staging package provides you with a very BASIC solution to delicately spruce up your vacant space.  Silver Lining Staging Company believes in helping clients achieve success in selling their homes even if that means "staging" on a shoestring budget.  In providing a little warmth to your space, this package includes the following services:

    • FREE preview                     

    • Fireplace Mantel Surround

    • 1st Impression/Entry

    • Up to 2 Bathrooms

    • Kitchen

    • Artwork

    • Specific Focal Points

    • Laundry Room Accents as needed

  • Pricing will vary based on home layout, square footage, and accessory rental.  Price quotes are given with bid after home preview is complete.

  • Call today to make your appointment - 916.799.7164






Even as a young girl, I appreciated decorative touches of beauty. The surroundings were simple, but these basic touches of décor brought life to my young world, making “house” a home.   As I grew older, I realized a certain style was emerging.  It was distinct, clean, free of clutter, practical.  Over the years this style has taken shape in practical elegance and eye-catching creativity.  Having poured my soul into decorating my own spaces, I’ve realized that I enjoy both the hunt and the conquest.  Finding unique elements and putting them together to create a welcoming space has become a personal passion.  As the marriage of these two passions intersected, Silver Lining Staging Company was born.